Emily in Paris

Over the weekend juniors and seniors attended prom, the theme being ‘A night in Paris’


CJ Koll

The chaperones pose for a picture in front of an Eiffel Tower background. We are so grateful for our staff spending their Saturday night at the Portland Zoo.

Prom 2023 will be a night to remember for the current juniors and seniors of Wilsonville High School. Many students arrived at the Oregon Zoo dressed to impress. From show-stopping suits to gorgeous gowns, Wilsonville has never looked better.

While the dance was only held from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm, many teens made prom festivities last the entire day. Groups of friends gathered to get ready together and take fun pictures. Sydney Higa, a senior, stated her plans for the night simply. “Pictures. Eat food. Dance. Party!”

For a Parisian atmosphere, the junior class council opted to use floral decor throughout the ballroom and the staircase. They also had more snack options for the dancegoers this year: chips, cookies, and a popcorn machine.

As for the dance itself, it was a big hit. Senior Mia Combs dished on her night, “The music was actually good this year, and it was just really fun hanging out with people I don’t normally spend time with.” After trials and tribulations with music and DJs over the last few dances, the seniors could enjoy the night and dance to songs they knew.

The weather did not disappoint on Saturday for Wilsonville. Sandwiched in between weekends of rain, we were blessed with sun, clear skies, and 80-degree weather. The warm weather did lead to a slight hiccup in the evening, “I think the only thing that could have been better was if the room was a little more air-conditioned,” stated Mia Combs.

Another senior, Charlisse Mootz, gave insight into her best part of the evening, “I think being around everyone in our grade and making connections with the people in our grade was super good for me.”

Overall, Seniors are definitely soaking in every last minute with fellow students. Prom is just one of the many “last” they will have coming up.