College application week ends: did you apply?

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Eduardo Martinez-Rueda
poses with his “I applied” sticker

Everyone knows that filling out college applications can be stressful: from filling out FAFSA to figuring out the Common App. it is a difficult task, but students here at Wilsonville weren’t alone. During this past week the counselors and college & career advisor, Lyndi Tucker, have been holding lunchtime helps sessions to help students fill out their applications.  

The first meeting was held on Wednesday and covered the community college application process. “It was more successful than any of us imagined,” says Tucker. The team of counselors, Mrs. Tucker, an ASPIRE mentor, and representatives from both CCC and PCC were there to help out with any questions students might have. It had a big turnout on day one, Mrs. Tucker credits this in part to the pizza they provided, “Over 40 seniors showed up to complete at least one application.”

“In less than 45 minutes all applications were submitted.” Says Tucker, who went on to describe the celebrations that they had when each senior pressed submit. “It’s a big deal.”

The following day was the public university application day where students planning on going to a four-year college could come and get some advice on their applications. Many students had questions about recommendations, the common app, and finishing up those tricky essay questions. Advisors from both Portland State and Western Oregon joined the counseling team on Thursday to help the seniors finalize those applications.

Today was the final day of college application week and they finished strong. Students applying to private universities came in and got advice about the unique challenges associated with private applications, there was a representative from Linfield College answering all of their pressing questions.

Many students came in for multiple meetings and applied to three or more schools. It Sure has been a busy week Wildcats.