Senior sunrise


Seniors gathered up to watch the sunrise. Photo from Bella Kleiner

      Yesterday, Friday morning, the senior class of 2020 gathered to watch the sunrise. The senior sunrise has been a tradition that represents the start of our journey into college. Not only did the sunrise represents the start of our journey but it also showed how far we have come to enjoy this very moment with our class. What comes with the tradition of watching the sunrise, it also means getting to the school at 6:15 am, the staff brought donuts and the seniors got their shirts to take the 2020 photo on the football field. It was amazing to see the turnout, many people came to the sunrise with their close friends, huddled up with some blankets and donuts. 

       Even though the sunrise wasn’t what most people thought, it was one of the many “first last” high school memories we have as a class. Not only did we have the senior sunrise this Friday but it also kicked off the day filled with the senior 20’ picture, a dance,  and a football game. As a senior, this day was a big day for many of us. It gave us all a big reality check that it’s our last year being in high school, and much more.