Quarterly grades

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We are a quarter of the way through the school year which means that quarter grades are in. Well for some people this inside for a little bit of panic, quarter grades are a great way to check in with your progress and see what you could be doing better. These quarterly grades will not show up when colleges go to look at your grades so if you’re doing badly in a class now you have the rest of the semester to make it up.

For the students that got lower grades such as a D or F, an email would’ve been sent to your parent or guardian. This is a great opportunity to explain what help you need and where are you need the help so you can get tutors or come in after hours for assistance. This is great because the teachers will be able to get one on one help students that need it and you get to understand the concepts that weren’t going too well.  If you’re getting bad grades in certain classes you could use tutors or even the free student tutoring center Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to go in and get help. Now is the perfect time in the school year to analyze what you may or may not have been doing wrong and how you can improve your performance in school. For the students that weren’t getting the grades that they wanted, now is the time to go talk to the teachers and ask if there’s extra credit that can  boost their grade. Quarterly reports are really the best way to have a reminder to check in before the rest of the semester finishes. 

Now is the best time to go in and check your grades, talk to your teachers, and come up with a plan for the rest of the semester. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get the school you’re back on track and going the way that you want