Student feature: senior Emily Harms


Emily Harms, a senior at WVHS, is the youngest in her family. She has two older siblings, Nathan and Sarah Harms, both Wilsonville alums. Her dog’s name is Rupert, but he also answers to Root Beer, and her cat’s name is Juice. Emily loves watching satisfying videos such as ASMR and getting her nails down. Emily is well known as the 2020 class clown. She always finds the perfect moments to crack some jokes. She is the kind of person who can really turn your bad day around! You can either catch Emily on the softball field or at her friends’ houses sleeping. 

Emily has been playing softball since she was 5. She grew up in a softball based family, so she was originally forced to play. Fortunately, after her first year playing, she completely fell in love with the game. Years went by and then she decided to join a club softball team. Emily’s positions are either a pitcher or first base. Since she was young, her dream was to be on the varsity team and follow in her sister’s footsteps. She’s always been motivated to be the best on the team and on the field which means she practices 24/7. Emily improved a lot before freshman year by practicing with her dad 1 on 1, going to softball camps, and her playing on her club team. By her freshman year season, Emily was physically and mentally ready.  Her dream to follow in her sister’s footsteps came true and she is currently a starter for the Wilsonville High School Varsity Softball team. “Hard work really pays off.”-Emily Harms 

Although she has enjoyed softball in her high school career, she is undecided about whether she is going to keep up with it. She’s considering OSU or NAU to pursue a degree in art.