Maddy’s predictions

Hi, I’m Maddy DuQuette and welcome to the new year! I am sure I’m not the only one glad to leave 2020 in the past, but I have to admit, even amid the unconventional year, some impressive trends have emerged! So, what is in store for the trends of 2021? I’m certainly no fashion expert but here are my predictions.

1. The mullet- I know this is painful, but it just seems like the natural evolution of curtain bangs and the fringy hairstyle we are seeing now. Plus, Miley Cyrus has one, so even if it’s not totally mainstream, I think we’ll see it reemerging.


2. Acid wash jeans- I’m not sure if these went seriously out of style, but nevertheless I see their reintroduction to the mainstream trends. They were a trend in the eighties after all. 


3. Sleeveless sweater vests- Yes, I know these are already a trend, but despite how much I despise these, I only see their popularity rising. Personally, I’ve never seen one that I didn’t think was ugly, but with their versatility and frequent pairing with turtlenecks, I think they’re here to stay.


4. Geometric, chunky earrings- Again, I’m drawing from 80’s inspiration here, but I think these could assimilate painlessly into the current style. Are you going to tell me you couldn’t see Emma Chamberlain rocking some oversized, emerald green, rectangle earrings?


5. Kitten heels- Already working their way up again, kitten heels will only continue to reclaim their early 2000’s fame in 2021. Thick headbands, wide leg yoga pants, and little shoulder bags, are already becoming popular, so kitten heels seem destined to join the mix too. Plus, they blend the current laid back shoe style (hence the rise of AF1s) with the Paris Hilton glam of their origin, making a perfect fit for the new decade.