What athletes do to be the best at WVHS


GM Artman

Junior Maxim Wu goes up for a shot in the state semifinals against Churchill. The Cats won this game, which carried them through to the championship where they took the state title.

Your alarm goes off at 5:30 am, and you have to prepare yourself to go work out to be ready for football season. Not many of us have to experience this type of work ethic, but Wilsonville High School football stars experience this most mornings.

Mason Seal is a sophomore at WVHS having to do this each morning while balancing his academic life. “I love the game, it doesn’t take too much of a toll on me, and physically it feels good to get up and be with my teammates,” Mason Seal responded when asked what it is like to wake up that early and prepare himself for the season. “It’s tough getting up at 5:30,” he said, soon after saying it’s hard to balance school when you’re that tired.

What do other sports besides football do, however? For this, Kyle Counts and Maximum Wu thought out what they do to keep their mind and body right for their season. “I stay close with my teammates and put in some work by myself,” Counts said when asked what he’s doing to get ready to win another state title. “Sometimes before school, I go in and shoot, and then at school, I take weight training,” Wu explained. This shows that some of the harder working athletes for basketball as well take time out of their mornings to better themselves.

How about the other hard court sports though, like volleyball? For this Cammy Gore was interviewed about how hard she works to be prepared to make another state finals run, “I do training and find any opportunities I can to play.” Doing this training and working hard in their sport truly shows on the court, given that Cammy contributed greatly to the girls volleyball state championship run. 

So what does waking up early, and putting in maximum effort do for you in sports? The answer to that is clearly getting what you put into it. Mason Seal wakes up at 5:30 and he is a varsity star protecting his QB at all costs. Maxim Wu and Kyle Counts wake up to put shots up, go to the gym and prepare their bodies, and they are two stars on the varsity wildcats team. Finally Cammy Gore takes lessons, trains, and puts in so much work and dedication to be a starter on the volleyball team, helping the team to be one of the best in the state.