Are we really an art school?

Art is something that make you think and makes you curious of different things that you wouldn’t think of. Luckily for Wilsonville High School, there are some astonishing artists as well as amazing art programs the school has to offer. It’s because of these artist, that Wilsonville High School is labeled as an art school. However, why is it that we are known as an art school when  barely any student body has attend any of the schools art events? How many art events have you been to? Jared Weiland states “ I’ve been to about three art events in my three years of going here,” as you can see, he didn’t attend many events. As for sporting events, he said that he has attended almost all of them. Sports generally catch the eye of our student body, and it’s understanding why because sports are very active, and in a way, you invoice with them. When you’re screaming in the stands, cheering for your team to make that final winning touchdown or whichever sport you are watching. As arts are quite the opposite in which you need to be quiet and just enjoy the beautiful pieces that took hard work to make that makes you think. One thing that I wonder is, how are we an art school in the eye of the public, but in the eyes of the student body, we are seen as a athletic school.