Volleyball still going strong

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Absolutely killing the sports game this year is our very own volleyball team. I can say that I have never seen a team go this long is all my years of high school without losing a game and it is very impressive to me. I think that volleyball is one of those really driven team sports. It is really hard to succeed in volleyball as an individual without having a team there to back you up and to keep making you look good and I believe that this team of Wildcats is doing just that. As of currently (10/3) the Wilsonville Wildcats are ranked #2 in the OSAA 5A category. They also have an outstanding overall record and league record at 11-0 and 9-0. It is fantastic to see our school performing so well this year in all our sports and to top it off this group of amazing girls going undefeated so far this season is incredible. Also tonight they just played Scappoose and they won 3-0, the same as they did when they played them the first time. I feel these girls are consistently working together and just not letting the pressure to win every game get to them and just going in and playing as a team is really working for them. I believe they can continue on and do great things this season.  Congrats Wildcats Volleyball!