Wildcat Robotics


The Robotics team showing off their creation down Wilsonville Road.

Robotics At the Forefront 


Robotics are a way for students to showcase their engineering and lego wizardry. 

Taking skills from various integral branches of science and compiling it with an overarching sense of teamwork, along with a little bit of luck, to create a moving object at their control and at the audience’s amazement. Anyone who thinks this extracurricular activity is just a walk in the park is oblivious to the topic at hand. The Robotics team has assembled for, but are just as hard at work for hours after school and hours per week. 

Robotics allows students to learn new scientific skills that they may have thought 

they would not and/or could not learn before or perfect the skills that they are already comfortable in applying. Logan Snell, a sophomore at Wilsonville High School who is currently on the Robotics team, talked about the math that goes into craft.

“Trigonometry is used a lot since you have to find the side lengths and angles of certain

parts of the robot in order for it to be conducted and function properly.”  

This hands-on form of entertainment also allows students to socially grow as high 

schools in which they can make new friends or at least get to know people they thought they would never talk to a little better.

“I have made a lot of friends in Robotics. Everyone is very kind and wants to help, especially those who have spent multiple years in it. They have helped me out with many problems I can’t figure out myself, “ Mr. Snell went on to state about the teamwork required in  order to succeed.

It is truly a shame that not a lot people keep a close eye on Robotics because it is 

the perfect combination of intelligence and sheer amusement that is certain to wow high schoolers and people above and below that age.