Mikayla’s Christmas movie ranking

Hi! I am Mikayla Brehm and I love all things Christmas related so movies are no exception. This year, I am more excited than ever since I will have more time to watch them all! I love to sit down with home-baked cookies in front of the Christmas tree and watch a fun Christmas movie. Below, I have ranked the top ten Christmas movies, with one honorable mention.

1. Elf

All around a great movie with a great sense of humor.  Every time I watch it, it makes me laugh and get excited for Christmas, thus earning the number 1 spot.

2. A Christmas Story

This is a Christmas classic which is always playing in the background on Christmas day for my family. It has some funny moments but mainly has nostalgia so is ranked very high. 

3. Home Alone 1

The first is a great movie, bringing in humor, excitement and Christmas spirit. Nothing is wrong in it, just the other options are better.

4. The Grinch

Love the humor and the plot! However parts did scare me when I was a child, which does knock it down a few pegs.  

5. Charlie brown Christmas

A classic Christmas movie, however most of the movie is bland and a little boring. A solid middle ground movie, but shouldn’t be too high. 

6. Rudolf the red-nose reindeer

Classic storyline but the Claymation isn’t as exciting. It brings me joy when I watch it, but I am not needing to see it every year. 

7. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

The songs are fun but it is often forgotten. I will watch it on tv, but never by choice.

8. Frosty the Snowman

I can go several years without watching, but every time brings me joy. I cannot remember all the details, but it is a solid movie and deserves the credit.

9. The Polar Express

The animation is in a weird style and some scenes were scary as a child, and for these reasons it is near the bottom. 

10. The Santa Clause

I never have seen it all the way through until a few years ago. It is an average movie, but isn’t worth sitting down to watch with a bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate, like some of the others. 

Honorable Mention: Die Hard

A great switch from all the others, filled with action and no boring scenes. Although some may argue, this is considered a Christmas movie to me, and should not be forgotten.