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Sydnie Bierma

Sydnie Bierma, Editor of Lifestyle and Student Life

Sydnie Bierma is a senior at WVHS. This is her first year as an official WBN staff member and she’s super excited to be the editor of Lifestyle, Student Life, as well as the Social Media Manager. In her free time she plays varsity volleyball for Wilsonville High School and works at The Human Bean.

All content by Sydnie Bierma
Ellie Wettstein holding peanut butter sandwiches the group made last month. The club organized the sandwiches in the garage before delivering them.

WVHS outreach

March 18, 2022
A picture of the red shed at Langdon. Captured by Emma Dougherty on a summer morning. The shed has garage doors that open allowing for events to be hosted indoors and outdoors.

Winter formal prep

February 10, 2022
Seniors, Anna Burkhead and Amelia Postma studying together at Barnes and Noble. Anna was able to complete her paper for World Wars!

Barnes & Noble

December 18, 2021
My southwest chicken salad and iced chai arranged on my outdoor table I studied at over the summer. Because of the outdoor seating, I was also able to bring my dog along!

Lark Cafe

December 18, 2021
A variety of food and drinks from the Coffee Cottage. The three girls sat outside for hours catching up.

The Coffee Cottage

December 18, 2021
Two local citizens getting work done at the Boones Ferry Starbucks. It was a foggy morning, perfect for a coffeebreak!


December 18, 2021
This is the interior of the Tigard location, which is on a busy street. In the summertime it makes a great place to read outdoors.


December 18, 2021
The barista at Ava Roasteria created a little design on my mocha. I was able to finish my stats notes for the week.

Ava Roasteria

December 18, 2021
A view of the cafe from the parking lot over the summer. Not a person is in sight.

Happy Sparrow Cafe

December 18, 2021
Waiting in line at Maplewood, a small coffeeshop in the Maplewood neighborhood in Portland. The coffeeshop offers a variety of different coffees and teas with their own homemade flavoring.

Studying Hotspots

December 17, 2021
Kathy Bierma and the author enjoying a cup of coffee together and replying to emails. The outdoor seating area has around 10 tables all evenly spread out and patio heaters!

[Photo] Peet’s Coffee

December 18, 2021
A sunset captured from the hotel beach. This was taken on Burkheads last night in Mexico.

San Jose Del Cabo

December 3, 2021
Joshs family poses for the hidden camera on Space Mountain. For each hidden camera Ruud whipped out a new pose.


December 3, 2021
Hannah Kelso, Jeven Lundberg, and Gabby Prusse arrive at the Pheonix Airport. From there they were guided by the Discover tour staff members.


December 3, 2021
A sunset off the coast of Maui. The highs in Hawaii for that week stayed around 75-80 degrees.

Maui, Hawaii

December 3, 2021
A photo capturing Ryland Espejo looking off into the sunset. It was taken at one of the many beaches surrounding the area.

Ko Olina, Hawaii

December 3, 2021
A beautiful sunset captured by Olivia from their catamaran. She claimed that its her new favorite way to watch the sunset!

Nassau Bahamas

December 3, 2021
Emma and her mom posing for a picture on Miami beach with refreshing drinks in their hands. Their full day was spent relaxing in the sun!

Key West

December 3, 2021
All bundled up, the friends pose for a selfie while biking around Sunriver! There was lots of snow to be found in Sunriver this November.


December 3, 2021
A beautiful sunset captured at the Oregon Coast over the break. Rachel and Ellie were gone for less than a week!

Olivia Beach

December 3, 2021
Seniors outside the point on their first day repping a plethora of kids backpacks. Author (Sydnie Bierma), Anna Burkhead, Miguel Tejeda, Claire Ihlenburg, and Hannah Kelso’s backpack.

First day fashion

September 11, 2021
Featuring Taylor Lishka, Alexis Carroll, Anna Burkhead, Sydnie Bierma, Alli McCullough, Ella Hubka(top), and Brooklyn Kliese(top).

Volleyball Via Distance

November 12, 2020
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