Link Crew debuts the WVHS Fall Festival!


Elia Bartlett

There are banners advertising the festival hanging around the school! It is on October 30th at 1 pm.

As the fall season commences, Link Crew and Leadership are excited to offer Wilsonville high school’s first ever Fall Festival!

It will consist of carnival-style games such as a donut eating challenge, a costume contest/fashion show, pumpkin ring toss, and other games and crafts. 

Link Crew’s mission is to welcome the freshmen and help them adjust to the school, and the Fall Fest is an event geared towards building community within the school and bringing everyone together outside of school to play games and have fun in a relaxed, positive environment.

Link Crew leader Macy Moore described Fall Fest as “an opportunity to experience our community and school spirit.” This is especially true for the freshmen, since this is their first year in high school, and school camaraderie is not something that is as high in younger grades and schools.

The festival will take place outside the front of the school on October 30th, from 1-3 pm. The first hour will be exclusively for freshmen, and predominantly led by Link Crew, but the next two hours will be open to the rest of the school. Students can come and hang out, make crafts, and play games with other students and members of our school community.