Are math retakes fair?


Elizabeth Harris

Mr. Barkley’s AP Calculus AB class.


Math test retakes have been a big discussion this school year. Some math teachers are not allowing their students to retake tests. 

All teachers approach retakes differently. With teachers that teach alike courses, “there is a common agreement for teachers teaching that level” Mr. Mitchell shared.  Some teachers have students retake the whole test, whereas others just have them retake targets. 

In Mr. Mitchell’s math classes, he allows students to retake tests, but they have to come in and go over what they do and don’t understand. Mr. Barkley is not allowing his AP Calculus AB students to retake tests, said junior Chloe Russell. 

Not being able to retake math tests is really hard on a lot of students. Chloe says it causes added stress for her knowing she only has one chance to get a good score. Some students take longer to learn things, and need more time to understand, so another opportunity to prove that they know the material is important. 

Some teachers are grading homework this year, and some are just using it as feedback without adding it to the grade book. “We have textbook assignments that are due at the end of the week and worksheets,” said junior Mia Rust about Mr. Schramm’s Trigonometry class.

The discussion needs to continue about test retakes in the math department. Students feel that it needs to be offered on all levels.