Wilsonville Naps takes WVHS by storm


Wilsonville Naps

The varsity football team “sleeps” after beating Curchill. This photo comes straight from the Instagram itself.

Recently, the phenomenon known as “Wilsonville Naps” has taken over WVHS. The Instagram account popped up in the final days of October and quickly became a hit among the student body. 

Just a month after the account’s inception, it has almost six-hundred followers and over two-hundred posts. The account relies on its followers to send in pictures of students napping throughout the school, or in a turn of phrase, ‘napping’ on opponents of WVHS’s own sports teams. 

Ms. Schmidt, principal of WVHS, “naps” with a Starbucks drink. Her participation in the account adds even more comradery and community to the account. (Wilsonville Naps)

Paul Liu, a co-founder of the Business Club and member of the boys basketball program at Wilsonville, believes that the account is a creative and funny way to bring the school community together. Liu explained that the account “brings joy and a positive environment”–which is crucial after a year on Zoom. 

Maxim Wu, also a co-founder of the Business Club and a starter for the boys varsity basketball team, shares Liu’s sentiment and brought up the fact that he doesn’t “think it offends anyone.” 

In the weeks following Wilsonville Nap’s rise to fame, several other WVHS related accounts were created, “Wilsonville_badparking” and “Wvhselfontheshelf” being among them. In regards to these pages, Wu said, “I think other accounts will continue to pop up, and each will create a short phenomenon somewhat similar to Wilsonville Naps.”

All-in-all the Instagram account has effectively–if unintentionally–brought the school community closer together.