WVHS winter spirit week


Fiona Dunn

The girls varsity basketball team poses in their matching pajamas. They chose to do a group theme for Tuesday’s twin day.

Spirit week is a time for students to showcase their school spirit by dressing up together in different themes each day. This quarter, the themes were Pajama Monday, Twinkle Twin Tuesday, Winter Wear White Wednesday, Timberline Gear Thursday, and Festive Sweater Friday.

Pajama day is always a favorite among WVHS students, and Monday was no exception! Plaid pants were a staple of many students’ holiday outfits. Junior Anthea Goh mentioned that she loves pajama day because “It’s nice to be comfy in my classes, but also not be the only one in pajamas or ‘messy’ clothes.”

Tuesday was Twinkle Twin day, and many student chose matching holiday themes. A group of juniors dressed up as Santa’s reindeer, and the girls basketball team wore matching pajamas, combining pajama day and twin day. Mia Combs, a junior, said that she loved twin day because “everyone in the friend group dressed up together.”

On Wednesday, students sported every style of white clothing, from sweatshirts and sweatpants to a formal suit! Many people like to participate in the spirit days when the theme is a solid color, because they can go all out with their outfit theme.

Thursday, ski goggles could be seen on the heads of many WVHS students who had dressed for the slopes! Puffer jackets and chunky boots were also seen throughout the school, as they were either real ski gear or reminiscent of it. While some students were hesitant about Timberline Gear Day, saying they didn’t have any Timberline gear, people made the most of it, treating it like a “ski/snowboard gear day.”

Finally, Friday was the long-anticipated Festive Sweater day. Swathers with Christmas-themed colors, movie references, and puns were worn by students of all ages. Every classroom was filled with pom-poms, Santa hats and elf hats, and even jingle bells. It was clear that this day was a favorite among the student body, as everyone was able to wear a festive sweater that also incorporated their own style.

The WVHS winter spirit week was a success, with many students dressing up for each of the days. As the school heads into winter break, students and staff were able to send each other off with a joint display of school pride.