COVID-19 Sports Cancellations

The virus is still spreading and teams at all levels are suffering from the affects.



Grace Gatto dribbles through multiple La Salle defenders looking for a bucket.

The COVID-19 virus has been affecting our lives for almost two years now. March 13th 2020 will forever live in infamy for being the last normal day of schools and sports. Speaking of sports we are now two years in and the virus is still messing with the schedule. As the omicron variant spreads like wildfire we have seen the affects it has taken on the sports landscape.

We have seen cancellations at the pro, collegiate, and high school level. Both the NFL and NBA have been struck hard by the virus that the NBA has started handing 10 day contracts to washed up studs like Joe Johnson. As for the NFL who has playoffs rolling around now is not a good time for teams to be hampered by COVID.

The NFL and NBA both had to change protocols for COVID just so they could have enough people on rosters to play. At the collegiate level we have seen the same thing. The college bowl games that took place a couple weeks ago had to be moved or in some cases had to find replacement teams due to the amount of COVID that was in some programs.

For the college basketball season that is now in full swing multiple teams have had to move games back just to play them. That leaves the high school level, here at Wilsonville high school both the boys and girls basketball games have had games moved back to to COVID issues in other programs.

Hopefully, with more vaccines coming out and people becoming more immune, the spread will stop and COVID will leave the beautiful world of sports alone.