How have sports impacted student lives?


GM Artman

NWOC Cross Country district championship is dominated by the boys and girls. The wildcats quickly assert dominance in the race and claim the team lead within the opening mile.

Fitness is an essential part of every human being’s healthy day to day life, another thing that’s put on the to do list. Roughly half of the students at Wilsonville participate in a sport, in and outside of the school programs. We asked students how their sports changed their lives, and their experiences of when they picked up their sport and how it changed them. 

“Since my dad used to [wrestle], it was passed down to me and I started wrestling in elementary school. Overtime I became increasingly motivated to make it a bigger commitment and have always wanted to become a better wrestler since,” said Jasmine Brown, a sophomore on varsity wrestling. 

“I wouldn’t say it changed my life since I don’t play as competitively as other people, but I think that playing a sport on a team and learning how to overcome challenges and work in a group is a really valuable experience, and something I think everyone should have the opportunity to do,” responded Lorianne Servignat, sophomore on JV soccer, when asked about how it had impacted her life.

Luke Larson, a sophomore, had a different opinion, saying “Baseball has changed my life; it’s taught me a lot about leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship. I’ve been playing baseball since I was five years old. I think the Wilsonville program is really good and has done a lot for me so far.”

Sports have been a difference maker for the majority of student-athlete lives. We appreciate the coaches, family and friends that have made these experiences for our students possible and hope to continue these opportunities for all of our student wildcats.