Are school sports putting too much pressure on student athletes?


Daniel Lee

The end of season, 2020 freshmen basketball team. As freshmen in a fall sport, they were introduces to the struggle of balancing homework and sports early on in their high school career.

Are school sports putting too much pressure on student athletes? This matter at hand is a complex one and will reveal many different insights. Sports are one of the most important and time-consuming extracurriculars. It’s also a large task for the school district to manage and operate so many different sports efficiently. However, with homework pilling higher each week, students are getting busier and busier. It poses the question: Can students overcome the burden of balancing their academics and sports?

All the time, money, and effort that goes into sports comes at a cost, both literally and figuratively. At least five days a week of practice is mandatory for nearly every sport hosted by the school, regardless of your rank in such sport. These sporting activities can range from 90 minute practices to away games that last the entirety of the day. These frequent practices and games can take a toll on a student’s body and mind over time. If their focus is too trained on a sport then it’s possible that their academics may slip.

To get a better understanding of this dilemma we interviewed a fall student athlete to see how they are feeling. Junior and soccer player Diego Macoco stated, “My schedule can sometimes be really hard, but playing soccer makes it worth it.” While at first, the amount of work placed on these students by school and sports may seem like too much, some athletes don’t mind as much as you think. These student athletes don’t view practices as extra work to be completed, but rather an excuse to release energy while playing a game they enjoy.

Sports may be a big commitment for Wilsonville students. Although, if they make the decision to join, it’s agreeable to say that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. The practices do leave most players tired, but they still don’t struggle most days with completing the remainder of their homework. Sports are a great way for students to meet new people, compete as a team, and maintain physical health. The programs are a great addition to the school and provide many opportunities for the students involved.