As Little Woman opening night gets closer, stizprobe helps calm the nerves of everyone involved

Opening night for Little Woman is Thursday, November 3 and the cast and crew are buzzing to get things done. Stizprobe is used to help with some of those nerves.


Hope Williams

Cast and Orchestra work together on getting through a song during a dramatic scene in the musical. Can’t wait to see on stage.

With the fall musical coming up, both the actors and the orchestra are making sure that everything is ready for the show. This week, they are running the Sitzprobe rehearsal to make sure everything lines up. 

The Sitzprobe is the first time when the orchestra and the actors go through the play together. The actors won’t be acting on stage but simply going through their songs while the orchestra goes through the music. This time is used to perfect the actor’s cues and the beat of their music with the live orchestra. 

Mr. Davies is the Wilsonville High School conductor and Mr. Katz, who teaches acting, film, yearbook, and sometimes technical theater, is the director, these two along with others work together to make sure everything flows smoothly. 

While Mr. Davies is conducting the orchestra, Mr. Katz is taking note of things that could be fixed or what works well. Mr. Katz comments about how he feels about sitzprobe, “It’s always a good reminder, for me, that the show is opening soon, and it’s time to finish getting everything together.”

During this final stretch before the musical opens, lots of things need to get finished, the Stizprobe being at the top. Not only is it a reminder for Mr. Katz, but it’s also for the students as well. Keira Kerner, a senior, plays Meg, one of the sisters and a main character in the show. 

“This is basically to get time rights and cues ready to make sure everything is running smoothly. This can be stressful because this is the first time we are working together on the play,” Keira comments. Before this week, the actors have been listening to a recording and the band hasn’t had any actors to go off of. 

After the Stizprobe, it will be just the final touches for the cast before opening night on Thursday November 3 featuring Little Women. It will be a stressful week for the cast but they are ready for the task to get ready for opening night.