Students rely on pajamas to find comfort at school


Lily Arzie

Poll coverage, out of 97 students. There was a clear majority in support of pajamas at school!

Pajamas are making an astounding comeback at WHS, however, the benefits that are tied between school and pajama clothing are being approached precariously by several students. Pajamas may be a conscious fashion choice at home, but it may not be as effective in a school setting.

Paige Timmons, junior, thinks that practicing professionalism in terms of clothing is ludicrous, and there is pure innocence within participating in pajama attire. She stated that because of the several hours she spends at school, she attempts to avoid being “uncomfortable” and reminds herself that first impressions have little to do with fashion.

In a recent poll, surveying a total of 97 students regarding their views on the inclusivity of pajamas, 50.5% of students said that the implementation of pajamas was an appropriate practice. The majority of those who voted yes, were participants of the particular fashion trend.

Lauryn Hinnant, sophomore, thinks that the recent global pandemic, COVID-19, encouraged this particular clothing trend. She stated that it “would be a good trend of culture that our future kids would bring back at some point.”

Shelby Widman, a junior, thinks that “if someone learns better in pajamas than so be it,” and continued to say that it is not inflicting harm onto peers and classmates. She is in support of those who wear pajama attire, as long as it doesn’t become a distraction to others.

Like Widman, the reliability of pajamas at school, all depend on the circumstances. One anonymous student said that pajamas can reflect the obstacles one may face, and they believe that possessing comfort during difficulty is crucial. However, they said to refrain from establishing pajamas as a “go to outfit,”

Mackenzie Klepper, a freshman, sided with the minority vote, and stated that “different clothes are made for different places and purposes – pajamas are made for sleepwear, and not meant to be taken for outdoor wear.” Klepper believes there is a place and time to freely express fashion, and school is not a setting she feels should incorporate pajamas.

Fashion encounters at school fluctuate depending on the student, but the overall consensus of the subject is that pajamas are acceptable, as long as they don’t pose distraction, or academic obstacles. Comfort may be the key to get through a strenuous day of work.