WHS Cheer takes on the Albany’s at 2019 state championship



After the OSAA State Championship Cheer Competition was postponed from last Saturday to this Saturday, the WHS cheer team takes the mat at 11:00 am. Last week, the team practiced their routine over and over again perfecting each and every aspect. Their biggest competitors are the Albany’s ( West and South ) and Ridgeview. The teams are becoming more and more competitive as the weekend arrives.


On Tuesday the 5th, James Underwood, a well-known cheer podcaster, talked about his predictions for this years State titleholders. In the podcast, he mentions South Albany and West Albany, but when Wilsonville comes around he uses the reference “Where’s Wilsonville”. Many coaches and others involved are spreading this with the hashtag #WheresWilsonville. This all came about because over this season there has been no video evidence of our WHS cheer State routine. No one can find one, no one knows if they’re a threat or not. According to the WHS cheer coach, Jenn Stahlheim she says “Wilsonville is counting down the days until they can hit the mat and show that they are here and ready to win.”


The girls have an amazing chance to take the title for this years 5a All Girl Team. They can’t wait to show everyone what they’ve been working on for months and months.  Freshman Addy Terry said “The excitement is through the roof for my first time competing at State this weekend. I can’t wait to get out on the floor with this amazing group of girls and show everyone where Wilsonville has been!”

Come and support the WHS cheerleaders on Saturday at 11:00 am at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum!