Inequity in the Wilsonville Spokesman?


Alyson Johnston

Is there an inequity inside the coverage of the Wilsonville Spokesman? What should they do to offset this?

As many residents of Wilsonville know, our town provides a collective newspaper titled the Wilsonville Spokesman as a way for news to get around. Although our generation has updated to the times of online or televised news, it’s nice to have a newspaper to keep some of the past with us as well. However, recently some of the audience reading the newspaper have noticed some imbalance between the boys and girls sections. Even though we want to continue the retro use of a newspaper, shouldn’t our standards continue to update?

Recently, it was brought to my attention by a couple of my fellow classmates’ families that there is a slight inequity between the coverage of Wilsonville boys and girls sports. One family was reading and noticed that the front page of the Wilsonville Spokesman covered a loss on the side of the boys’ soccer team, whereas the girl Wildcats’ win was buried deep within the paper and not presented as it should have been. Yes, it is possible that this was a one time mess up, which was what many people thought—until this occurred yet again in the following newspaper edition.

When asked, some members of the anonymous families explained that they were disheartened with this realization. The girls’ sports teams work just as hard as the boys’, so why do they get little coverage? Not only is this becoming a more prominent issue between boys and girls, but between different sports as well. Boys and girls golf don’t nearly get the same amount of coverage as boys and girls basketball does. It can be argued that more people track and want to follow the wins and losses of basketball more than those who follow golf, yet isn’t a newspaper supposed to hold equal coverage?

It is up to the audience of the Wilsonville Spokesman to bring up this issue, and it is up to those who write to acknowledge the difference.