Opening day

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This last Thursday, the famous MLB opening day arrived.  This is the most exciting and most important day for every team and their fans.  On this day the worst teams and the best teams are equal. The Orioles and the Red Sox are considered equally good teams at this point.  This opening day was filled with a lot of action and a lot of home runs. There were a total of 48 home runs on opening day alone. The Los Angeles Dodgers hit eight home runs as a team.  All by separate players too. This tied the MLB record for single-game home runs for one team. Along with all these home runs came with some robberies as well. The Milwaukee Brewers were able to close a win by their center fielder, Lorenzo Cain, jumping up and catching a fly ball right at the top of the fence in the bottom of the 9th.  Although there were a lot of home runs some teams didn’t join the club. The Anaheim Angels were shut out against the Oakland Athletics losing 4-0. The 2018 world champions traveled across the country from Boston to Seattle to take on the Mariners. After a tough offseason, Seattle was not going into that game without a fight. They were able to hold off the defending champs and beat them 12-4.