A review of the AP Spanish exam


Early this week on Tuesday morning, AP Spanish students buckled down to take their end of the year AP Spanish exam. Out of the many who completed the exam, seniors Anna Sweetland, Sophi Heilig, Ainsley Like, and Dana Zaidan didn’t think the test was as horrible as it could have been, and each of them mentioned how Mrs. Armstrong prepared them incredibly.

Anna Sweetland, a senior here at Wilsonville, explained how the AP exam actually way better than she had originally expected. “The multiple choice was way easier than any one we had done before (especially the audio that we listened to). The writing wasn’t to bad either,” Sweetland reflected.

Similarly, Seniors Ainsley Like and Sophi Heilig had similar opinions about the AP Spanish class in general. “AP Spanish was a great experience that allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and overall enhanced my knowledge of the language,” Heilig reviewed, and Like had a similar opinion: “We had fun talking about all kinds of topics, it was like English class or social studies class with discussions, except they’re in Spanish!”

Lastly, Dana Zaidan evaluated whether the class was a good preparation for the AP exam that she has just completed. “All the work we do in AP Spanish revolves around the AP test,” Zaidan admits, “so when we took the actual exam it didn’t feel like it since we’ve been preparing the whole year.”

In the end, out of those that reported back after the exam, many said the AP Spanish test went much better than expected. Mrs. Armstrong got a large amount of praise for successfully preparing her class for the final test. Her students are eagerly awaiting their scores, yet they’re happy the test went as well as it did.