It’s a school dance not a club

Throughout the year students have the opportunity to go to about 3-4 dances a year depending on the grade level, however there are a few things that must be understood before students prepare to immerse themselves into the dances. 

First, this is a school dance not a club, there is no reason to drink or smoke at or during the dance. Also, when asked to dance by someone who you do not want to dance with is okay to say no. If you have received a no as an answer, move on and enjoy your night, do not stay hung up on the no. Do not feel obligated to go with a date it okay to just go with friends.

Second, if someone chooses to make a choice that you may not agree with do not judge them. People come to express themselves in ways they might not get to during a normal school day. Everyone attends the dances for different reasons. Some are forced to go by friends or family. Others, just go to keep up appearances, others go just to have a fun night. No matter what kind of person you are at these dances just respect other people’s reasonings

Finally, it may seem ‘fun’ to dance in the middle of the mosh pit but honestly, the feeling of the hot breath, getting pushed around, and the inability to move gets pretty annoying and you will be drenched in sweat when you are through dancing. When on your way into the middle try to avoid pushing and shoving. This causes toes to get stepped on and people to fall.

With that you are prepared to attend this years dances, make sure you hydrate. Girls make sure you wear a lighter fabric dress because it does get incredibly annoying to move in a thick fabric dress. Close toed shoes are also recommended because toes will be stepped on. Please, if you are reading this wear deodorant and keep your hands off the floor.