Should senior year be the hardest?


Some people say that senior year should be harder than others. That we should have things keep getting harder because that’s how college will work and we need to be ready but I highly disagree. I feel giving seniors the most room to choose what they want to take and giving them the most lenience is a sure way to get them ready for them to make their own choices in college. I mean we know how complicated school is we had multiply years of stress and worry it truly does feel alot better to have a little break. Also this year is really about also getting a grip on college and how it’s going to work and to be able to live away from home if that’s what you’re going to do. It seems to most people that I’ve talked to student wise is very grateful for senior year being so up to them and having so much control over what they want to achieve. I did a pole over social media to see what sorts of answers there would be. My results were that most seniors that responded they all said no and of other students that weren’t were a mix of both yes’s and no’s. I don’t know how anyone could see having senior year be harder as a good thing. Just because of all the benefits that come with having a year to be able to reflect and focus on the next step into the future plus getting stuff rolling that we like to do and getting our heads in the mindset of college. From my point of view, experiencing it now it really is even more stressful as I imagined looking from the inside instead of the outside. I don’t think it would be good if I had to much more on my plate this year and I’m sure all the other seniors can agree.