Why you should play tennis


Looking for a new hobby? Looking for a sport that can be picked up fairly quickly? Then look no further than tennis. I recently started playing tennis, it is an exciting and fast paced game. This is perfect for millennials who have a shorter attention span and demand action right away. Tennis has minimal rules which makes it great for new players. Tennis requires only 2 players but it is more strenuous than if you play with 4 players. If you want to play a more relaxed game 2 v 2 may be more your style. If you like more action than 1 v 1 is right up your alley. Tennis can be frustrating at times but it is fun and easy to pick up. Finlay Dunn a tennis player at the high school says “Tennis is a fun game that can be played your whole life. It leads to fun time with your friends and nobody has their phones out.” Tennis is an overall good sport to learn and it has many benefits. Next time your bored, try giving tennis a try.