Are grades really that important?


The photo above is grades on a grade sheet. Students put a lot of pressure on themselves to get good marks.

Last Friday marked the end of the quarter for Wilsonville students. After completing assignments, taking tests, and perhaps making up some late work, final grades were put in.

For some students, a sigh of relief. For others, not so much.

Grades are important for some students – if college is the next step, grades may be benchmarks of success.  Students thinking of college also may not care about their grades – it all depends on your priorities.

Focusing on grades can be a slippery slope. In my experience, I find myself checking my marks more and more frequently as the year goes on.

By the end of the year, it seems like everything has flown by while I spent most of my energy on getting the next A.

I’m the last one to give advice on how to relax about grades – it’s pretty obvious that I work myself up about assignments. The one thing I have learned over my four years here, though: take a moment to relax.

You’re not going to remember the B you got on a chemistry worksheet. Getting an extra hour of sleep is so much better than cramming for a test.

Most importantly, the stress you put on yourself about grades won’t make you any happier later in life.

High school grades are important, but not important enough to consume your life. Next time you turn in an assignment, let the grade come in its own time.

Worrying won’t change anything.