First semester finals need to remain before Winter Break


Students studying for their finals.

Due to the fact that school starts far before September, there has been much recent debate for when first semester finals should take place. Some people also feel that students are not prepared after a long Winter Break to have finals. The question is whether finals should take place before or after Winter Break. 

If finals were to take place before Winter Break, there would not even be four full months of school before finals. While there would be over five months of school following Winter Break. The semesters would not even be close to the same length which would be troublesome for both teachers and students. 

In addition, Winter Break provides a nice break for students to relax, study, and catch up on their work in preparation for finals. 

Senior Oliver Hardt agrees that finals should happen before Winter Break as the break serves as a sort of mental break for him. After the break, Hardt says he is more relaxed and fresh. Hardt feels that the break helps him do significantly better on his finals. 

Moving first semester finals to before Winter Break would be detrimental to many students who are so worn down and tired before break. The majority of students would do worse due to being tired and from a lack of time to study. 

Many students also leave early before Winter Break to go see family or go on vacation. These students would have to communicate with their teachers and take their finals early which would be difficult for both them and the teachers. 

It is quite obvious that finals should stay after Winter Break where they belong because it is easier for both students and staff.