Is Boba worth the time and money?


Natalie Opager

Kylie Hadden, a junior here at Wilsonville High School.

A common discussion between my peers is the debate over whether Boba is worth the time, money and the taste. Boba is a drink containing tapioca balls and can be in milk tea, smoothies, or in iced coffee, and a typical Boba drink costs between three to four dollars.

One student, Kylie Hadden (a junior at Wilsonville High School), is a huge fan of Boba and thinks it is worth all the efforts to obtain it. She has been drinking Boba for most of her life and gets it once a week. When asking her why she likes it so much she responded with, “It is very delicious and it is something I can have constantly and not get sick of!” One thing that may draw her away from other peers is that she has no issues with texture.

On the other hand, junior Mikayla Brehm had a contrary opinion on Boba and whether it was worth the time. “I don’t have an issue with texture; however, I think that Boba is unnecessary and not worth the time,” Brehm elaborates, “I don’t know why you would drive out of your way to go get it when you can have a smoothie at Jamba Juice in town.” Brehm hasn’t consumed Boba for most of her life, unlike Hadden, which could contribute to her impartial opinion.

Both students have had Boba but they prefer their beverages differently. Brehm has Boba in smoothies and has only had it twice, whereas Kylie has had Boba in milk tea over many years. It is possible that Mikayla has not found the right taste for squishy Boba. This drink is different for every person, especially due to their sensitivity to textures and if they like the drink the Boba is in.