Justin Bieber documentary review

Justin Bieber performing

Justin Bieber who was once the most sought after young artist, has recently been ridiculed for his decisions as a young adult. However public opinion may be shifting after Bieber and his team dropped a second documentary on Youtube called Seasons. This new documentary comes years after his premiere documentary Never Say Never. However Seasons has a different focus than the first film.

Justin Bieber has recently taken many steps to improving his mental health and overall lifestyle. Seasons showcase the different stages of Justin’s life. A big aspect of Justin’s life which is unique is the fact that he has grown up in front of the world since a young age. This is very intriguing for me when I stopped to think about how much time Biebers life has been in the public spotlight. It has been tough for Bieber to just be a kid and all his mistakes that normally kids make are blown out of proportion because of his media attention. At Wilsonville HighSchool many students had once been “Bieber Belivers” and had followed Justin’s journey. The students have taken a liking to the new documentary, senior Cole Kleckner adds, “I thought it was really good. I enjoyed watching Hailey Bieber and the role she played in Justin’s mental improvement.”

Overall I think this documentary was a success and some fans Justin may have lost during his late teen years may be coming back on his team.