Boys and girls lacrosse hope for a fruitful season


Girls’ lacrosse program practicing for their upcoming jamboree. Captains Kylie Hix, Brooklyne Waddell and Sydney Carskadon lead the shuttle lines.

With winter sports coming to a close, all attention is shifted to the spring and what the new season may bring. The lacrosse season in particular has nothing set in stone, especially for the girls’ team with a new head coach and numerous new players. Both lacrosse programs here at Wilsonville High School had only one team last year, but with the freshman class along with returning players, they hope to expand to two teams each. 

On the girl’s side, sophomore Addy Terry has some thoughts about the upcoming season. “I think we’ll be a lot better this year with all of our returning players as well as new talent” Terry says. She played last year, and although she enjoyed the experience, Terry believes that playing on a more competitive team this year will yield some more fun.

In her fourth year playing the sport, Terry seems to know what she is talking about, and even comments about her feel of the team so far saying, “It’s been really good — I think overall we’re positive and are all here for the right reasons.” Terry looks forward to the season, and all the possibilities it holds.

On the flip side, Brennan Martin and Wesley Hur are gearing up for their first high school lacrosse season. Martin says, “I’m most excited to have a high school athletic experience.” Martin has played lacrosse for five years, and he has loved every moment of it. As a fast and versatile player, Martin will lend a helping hand to the team this year. 

Wesley Hur, a friend of Martin, is a first year lacrosse player. Recruited by Martin, Hur has high hopes for his freshman season. When asked about his feelings regarding starting a sport in high school he said, “I’m excited to learn a new sport.” Coming from a track and football background, Hur’s impressive lateral speed and overall quickness help him while he learns everything he can about the game of lacrosse.

Both programs are on the rise, and it will be intriguing to see how they fare in their upcoming games.