Senior year in COVID 19

Simply how to deal with controlling what the can, while trying to understand what the can not.


Emilia Bishop

The Wilsonville High School Class of 2021 has had to deal with losing a lot, however finding ways to celebrate has become a focal point. One family created ‘Wilsonville High School Class of 2021 Masks.’

Let’s be completely honest, as we all know 2020 has sucked. Everything seems to be taken from us and we do not even get to see our own family. However, for many people they have had the memories they dreamed of stripped right out from under them.

Unlike previous years, multiple things have been stripped from the class of 2021. Those that graduated from high school at the end of the 2019-2020 school year tend to complain, noting that ‘they didn’t get to experience the end of their senior year,” and they had no prom, no large graduation, no senior skip day. These students cried as their state tournaments were canceled as a result of COVID.

Behind these teary students sat the next class, at that time measly juniors, comforting their senior peers who had lost the memories that every child dreams about their entire time in the school system: senior year. 

With no knowledge of when or even if they will return to school, the class of 2021 must deal with starting and stopping, as though every inch we gain, it is followed by the loss of a mile. We attempt to normalize what is occurring this year. However, as of know there are no dances, no sporting events, possibly another socially distance graduation. 

So the question is asked: why does the class of 2020 think they had it so hard? At least they got to start their senior year normally, back before the pandemic was even a thought, masks weren’t required, and face to face conversations were taken for granted.

The biggest take away I feel that the class of 2021 has learned is simply how to deal with controlling what they can and coming to terms with what is uncontrollable. Many friendships have drifted apart, as we no longer see our at school friends. The names of many we only saw at school will fade, until then existing only as blurry faces in a yearbook that ultimately lacks the memories meant to make a senior year.