What Does COVID-19 Mean for the Movie Industry?

Movie theatres stay empty as the pandemic rages on.


Movie theatres stay empty as the pandemic rages on.

Like many industries, movie theatres –and the movie industry in–general have taken a huge hit in the COVID-19 economy. An indoor space built to pack people together is one of the worst places to be during this pandemic.

Many theatres closed altogether like the Wilsonville Regal cinema, however other theatres have found creative ways of staying afloat. A lot of theatres have allowed people to rent out a theatre to watch movies on the big screen with a small group, this includes many AMC and Cinemark theatres.

While theatres will stay closed for the foreseeable future, many movie premieres have decided to release exclusively to streaming services like Disney. The most notable of these being Frozen II, Mulan, and Artemis Fowl. A lot of movies have decided to delay their releases until many theatres are back open, some of these include Black Widow and West Side Story which have been delayed until May 7, 2021, and December 10, 2021, respectively.

Alongside theatres, many film studios have delayed production, but some have gone on with many safety precautions in place. The most notable of these is Jurassic Park: Dominion, which has kept filming under mask and social distancing mandates on the set.

When COVID-19 measures are lifted we can hope to see a huge rebound of the movie industry, and be able to watch all our favorite movies in our favorite theatres like Wilsonville and Bridgeport Regal Cinemas.