The arrival of the spring play: Emma


Jason Katz

This coming May the Wilsonville high school theater department will be putting on Emma. The play will be preformed live!

This spring the Wilsonville Theater department will be putting on Jane Austen’s play, Emma.  The play will be the first performance in person this theater season. 

The play follows protagonist Emma Woodhouse on a witty, humorous experience as a self proclaimed matchmaker. Emma helps her friends find matches throughout the novel but also finds love for herself.  

Senior Hannah Jacobs who will be portraying Emma in the upcoming play explains, “Emma is a highly intelligent and sophisticated young woman of 21. She’s extremely spoiled and likes to involve herself in other’s business.” 

Hannah is extremely excited for the play this spring for many reasons but Hannah expresses total excitement for being able to practice and perform back in person. Hannah exclaims, “I am so excited to be back in person! This is our first show that will be done in-person, in over a year! It’s exciting to be acting with people, instead of screens.” 

However, for Hannah this play also carries some sadness as it will be Hannah’s final performances at Wilsonville High School. 

For the Wilsonville theater department this will be the first time this year students will be able to be back in the auditorium performing for in person audiences. Performers have expressed that they are glad to be able to have at least some in person audience members so that they will be able to feed off the audience’s energy during live performances. 

The performances are Emma are scheduled to run May 19, 20, 21, and 22 at 7pm as well as a matinee performance at 2pm on May 22nd.

Personally I cannot wait to be able to watch a live performance of wildcats again and I hope to see some other students supporting the theater department as well this May.