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What to expect for Springfest MC / talent show

Ian Flynn, Staff writer

February 15, 2019

Springfest talent and MC applications are due February, 19th. What this reporter wants to see for this Springfest (April, 26th) would be the recently formed rap group responsible for a lot of new Minecraft covers consisting of Jonah Gomez, Kevin Burke, Sam Westing, Austin Briney, Mondo Hernandez, and Br...

2019 Oscar predictions

Alaina Bekebrede, Opinion section editor

February 14, 2019

This upcoming Sunday, the annual Oscars are being presented in Los Angeles. The 91st Academy Awards will be a star-studded event worthy of everyone’s attention because you never know what kind of flub or mishap will happen this year. However, one thing I always love about the soon-to-be obsolete e...

16 vs. 18 which ones really sweeter?

Zoe Lyons, staff writer

February 8, 2019

There are a lot of important milestones that happen in high school; watching your first football game, the first homecoming dance, getting through your first finals. Turning 16 is also a big deal for teenagers as getting your driver's license is often the first real taste of freedom kids have. However, ...

A look at 2020 presidential candidates

Alaina Bekebrede, Opinion section editor

February 8, 2019

Many people don’t realize it, but the 2020 presidential race is already underway. Although no one is the so-called frontrunner this early, candidates are starting to get their name to the public so people will establish some name recognition later on. As of today’s date (2/7/19) there is 635 days...

21 Sauvage? — 21 Savage detained by ICE and fights deportation back to Britain

February 8, 2019

Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, or known more commonly as 21 Savage, is a well known Atlanta type rapper who has been in the business for about five years now. As of February 3rd, 21 was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia by the ICE for overstaying his visa by thirteen years.   21 Savage is a Grammy nominated musical arti...

Why Super Bowl ads are a waste

Aly Johnston, Editor-in-Chief

February 8, 2019

The Super Bowl — famous for its high stakes, big plays, and large audiences; the game, though, is mostly known for its ads, which are the highlight of the afternoon for many. Super Bowl ads don’t come cheap— to air a 30-second ad, CBS charges companies $5.25 million dollars, according to CNBC...

Suspicious superlatives?

Kali Connell, Staff Writer

January 13, 2019

One of the most exciting times of the year is when yearbooks get dispersed to all:  Flipping through the pages investigating the content for pictures or spotlights of yourself/your friends brings such a thrill. In case you haven’t seen one of Wilsonville’s wonderful yearbooks, a section titled “S...

Helpful ways to combat seasonal depression

Alaina Bekebrede, Opinion section editor

January 11, 2019

It’s common to feel a little out of your element during the winter months. Shorter days, having to wear heavy layers, and in Oregon, the endless cloud cover and rain drenching us.  Often Seasonal Affective Disorder, or ‘seasonal depression’ affects young people, particularly women who live far...

Turkey pardoning: Where do they go?

Give Peas a chance.  Peas,  the winner of the 2018 Turkey Pardon, poses in front of the White House.

Zoe Lyons, staff writer

December 4, 2018

Every year the president chooses a few lucky turkeys to be pardoned. This year after this honor was given to two turkeys: Peas and Carrots. The President pardoned them on November 21st and they will go on to live out the rest of their turkey-lives on a Virginia farm. Each year the president was gifted a turkey,...

2018 midterm election overview


Finlay Dunn, Staff Writer

November 9, 2018

The Midterm Elections, one of the most important days of the year, was this Tuesday November 6th. Before the Midterm Elections, the Republican party had control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives along with their Republican president Donald Trump. However, many different districts gave t...

Caravan from Central America meeting opposition from U.S officials

Alaina Bekebrede, Opinion section editor

November 2, 2018

Many migrants are fearing for their lives as thousands approach the border between Mexico and United States. In a recent statement, President Trump claimed that if migrants, mostly from Honduras and Guatemala, advance any closer to the U.S border, then he’ll cut off aid to Central America. This ef...

Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court by Senate

Ally Finkbeiner and Aly Johnston

October 26, 2018

On October 6th, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court judge, following a controversial confirmation by the Senate. Kavanaugh served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. circuit, and taught at Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown. He had a clean record and seemed to be qualified for t...

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