Views on Wilsonville High School snowboarding with Asher Buchanan


Asher Buchanan

Asher Buchanan standing proud (Second to the Left), as his team finishes up the 2021-2022 year. The team looks forward for he new season.

Asher Buchanan, A WVHS senior who snowboards for the Wilsonville High School snowboarding team, has enjoyed snowboarding for as long as he could remember. This is his third year, and he has enjoyed it very much! Buchanan spoke up about the team flow, tips and tricks, and who all inspired him to join the team.

“I first started to have joy and love in the sport when I was in my freshman year of high school. A friend told me about the excitement of playing and competing, and I went out with him one day. It was really scary, at first, but that excitement and joy brought me back to the snow.” Buchanan enjoys very much being surrounded by friends and family who snowboard as well, so it becomes fun for him. 

When dealing with assignments, and the academic side of his life, it becomes tricky. He finds it hard to find time to have everything done, so when he does have time in the classroom, he tries his best to have it done in class. He wastes no time, and sometimes he even has homework on the bus. “I rarely miss the assignments, but when I do, I make it my number one goal to push school first.” with his strict parents, and the goals he has in life, slacking off in school is really bad for him. 

One of the many things Buchanan has learned from being on the team is that “it’s important to have the people support you during the hard times. When going up a hard, steep hill, and fearful, you won’t make it all the way down, that just is a great way of seeing life. Having people around you, to support you, and uplift you when things get rough, it’s really important. And I’m glad that I have those people.” 

When thinking about encouraging people around him, Buchanan gives back to the world, by being encouraging to others. “It’s really important to know that the whole snowboarding team is one big family. And I try my best to include everyone, and it’s really fun being part of something bigger than yourself.”