Once a wildcat, always a wildcat


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36 seniors. That is 36 football players on the varsity team that are seniors this year. As senior nights comes around the corner the wildcats acknowledge our favorite boys in one last regular season home game.

Tonight we watch our boys. Every football game we go crowd the stands and cheer on our boys because its about them. But tonight it’s a little more special. Because tonight it’s about our seniors. A lot of the senior boys have been part of the wildcat team since freshman year. Others have even been playing with the W on their helmet since fourth grade. These boys are true wildcats. And we take pride in our wildcats.

Tonight we acknowledge 36 seniors, we watch them walk across the field with their families, take a picture, and realize we are just that much closer to graduation. This is a special night that these boys have been looking forward to since freshman year, they have watched previous wildcats walk the field with their families and acknowledge their next steps in life, but it’s finally the class of 2019’s turn.

Some of the seniors thoughts have been very similar about senior night, seniors Brenden Ertle, Pablo Campos, and Trevor Antonson mentioned that they are “excited to take that picture with my mom”, to “play another game in Randall in front of my family and the greatest fans”, and of course “winning another game with my teammates”. These boys have played all four years of high school and as being a senior on the football team they have had to “ step up and be a vocal leader, set an example for the underclassmen.” These three seniors and the other 33 seniors are ready to take on another win tonight as we acknowledge them and all they’ve accomplished  these last four years.

As the class of 2019 rolls along into graduation the football players had some words to say to the future wildcat team. They said to “take advantage of every second you get playing this sport because it will be over before you know it”  and of course “no regrets. Leave everything on the field always.”

36 seniors we are recognizing tonight. Boys, tonight is about you, take it all in. Because as sad as it is graduation will be sooner than we think. You have a crowd cheering you on tonight that love you. And always remember once a wildcat always a wildcat.