Being sick in high school

Sick day

Photo by Ruth Hartnup

Sick day

Aly Johnston, Writer

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Being sick is never fun. Being sick during school, though, is something that every students dreads.

Sure, the idea of staying home from school sounds fun, but in reality, missing school can be a nightmare. When students miss material, it can be almost impossible to make up.

Having to choose between being miserable and suffering through the school day, or staying home can be extremely stressful. I know that personally have struggled with trying to decide between going to school or staying home when I’m sick.

About 99% of the time, I choose to go to school. I am so terrified of missing important material that I will suffer through the school day in order to not miss anything.

Siena Dorman, a senior here at Wilsonville, knows this stress first hand. She recently came down with a cough and cold, but still chose to go to school

I feel like if I don’t go ill feel the tensions from my teachers and parents. I feel obligated to show up despite not feeling well.”

— Siena Dorman

It’s such a difficult situation to be in- you know that school doesn’t pause for you, but you also just want to be able to get better and not stress out about work you’ll be missing.

I think that our teachers handle situations like this very well. They are able to help students learn and understand missed material, get them all of their assignments and help the, with any missing work.

Being a high school student and being sick can be insanely hard. With our teachers, however, and friends who can help us make up work, students should rest up at home and not get anyone else at school sick.