Halle Olsen named Innovative Dance Studio’s “Dancer of the Year”


Photo by Randall Leitch

Halle Olsen receives the “Dancer of the Year” award from Innovative Dance Studio. After 10 year at the studio, Olsen looks forward to new adventures.

Bella Kleiner, Student life editor

Halle Olsen, a senior at Wilsonville High School, has danced all her life. 

Since she was seven years old, she has been studying at Wilsonville’s Innovative Dance Studio. Her years of hard work have resulted in Halle being named this year’s “Dancer of the Year” at her dance studio. 

Jordan Daniels, one of Halle’s dance teachers, says  “There are so many things I could say about Halle Olsen. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her at Innovative Dance for the last couple years. Her work ethic and drive have taken her dance abilities so far; and will continue to take her far. One thing I always looked forward to, was having her come to class with some new tricks or turns or just cool movement that always inspired me. I got the honor to choreograph one of her solos for her senior dance season and it was so fun working one-on-one with her. Halle can bring any kind of vision to life in any variety of dance; which makes her so versatile.

One of my favorite parts of working with Halle is seeing her humor and goofiness fill the room with laughter during class or at a competition.”

— Jordan Daniels

One of my favorite parts of working with Halle is seeing her humor and goofiness fill the room with laughter during class or at a competition. I’m excited to see what Halle’s future holds and see where her passion of dance will take her! And I will miss seeing her in the studio every week!” 

From the beginning, her commitment and passion made her successful in the dancing world, and she has many awards to show for it. Halle states that her favorite dance when she was younger was “a jazz dance called ‘jump in the line.’ That was my first year as a competitive dancer and that dance was a big passion of mine” Not only was Halle a dancer at the local studio, she became a mentor/teacher to many young dancers as well. 

This year, Halle says that her favorite piece to dance to was a “group dance named ‘Rescue’ because it was special to my group, and we always did good. My other favorite was  my trio dance, ‘Don’t worry about me.’ I love this routine because it was the three seniors. The meaning behind the dance was telling friends and family don’t worry about me when we go off to college.” Her next steps as a dancer will be to continue as a duck dancer at the University of Oregon — Halle is hopefully awaiting the results of her second round audition.  Halle plans to study business.  

Halle’s career at Innovative is drawing to a close, but she will continue to inspire and delight as she moves on to new adventures.