A future firefighter


Sydnie Bierma

Trey Arzie proudly poses with excitement. It will be thrilling to see which path he ends up choosing!

Trey Arzie is looking forward to his journey after high school. At the moment he’s debating between becoming a fireman or plumber. Clackamas County Fire Department is offering a two year program where Arzie could get his EMT while working on the field and making 70% of a fireman’s salary his first year.  This option is super appealing to him because he claims that he’s not a huge fan of school and is looking forward to getting his hands dirty right away.

Arzie would begin to apply for the program this summer. He’s also considering programs at Jackson County and Eugene. Along with fire fighting Trey is also considering plumbing–specifically pipe fitting. If he were to continue down that path Trey would start to look for programs in the fall.

When asked why he’s choosing these career options over the “standard” college route, Arzie claimed, “I really like the idea of onsite training compared to classroom learning.” He also raved of the union benefits that come with firefighting, such as free healthcare and pension.

Regardless of what career the senior ends up choosing, there’s no doubt that either career option will come with many benefits and be the perfect fit.